Former Ukraine Ambassador: Rebels Likely Shot Plane Down

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Former U.S Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer says that indications are that pro-Russian separatists shot down the plane "probably in error."

Pifer says separatists claimed on a website yesterday that they shot down a Ukrainian military aircraft at the time MH17 was flying over Ukraininan air space. Ukraininan intelligence agents also recorded rebels at the crash site acknowledging that it wasn't a military but a civilian airliner from Malaysia.

He joins Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson to discuss the situation.


  • Steven Pifer, director of the Brookings Institution's Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative and a senior fellow with the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence and the Center on the United States and Europe in Brookings' Foreign Policy program. He tweets @steven_pifer.

This segment aired on July 18, 2014.


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