'T-Rex' Fast Car Drives On Three Wheels

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The tiny three-wheeled Campagna T-Rex can reach 145 miles per hour and hits 60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds. Powered by a six-cylinder BMW motorcycle engine, it comes in blinding red, orange and yellow. The little beast sits so close to the ground, the driver can touch the asphalt.

The car may have no doors and no airbags, but it has passed Canada's Crash Test Seal of Approval. The T-Rex's low center of gravity prevents it from losing control and tipping over, says Campagna Motors CEO Andre Morisette.

"Our vehicle has been designed from the ground as a recreational vehicle," Morisette explained. "It’s adrenaline pumping. The feeling is like having your own personal formula 1 for the street."

IEEE Spectrum sent reporter Judith Ritter out for a test drive of the made-on-demand car. There are only 100 to 150 of the recreational vehicles built per year. They go for somewhere between $54,000 and $67,000 each.


This segment aired on July 29, 2014.


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