Fallout Continues After Rolling Stone Backtracks On UVA Rape Story

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Rolling Stone's apology for journalistic mistakes made in its explosive story on sexual assault at the University of Virginia has rape victim advocates worried and fraternities on campus asking to be reinstated.

UVA President Teresa Sullivan temporarily suspended all fraternity activity on campus after the Rolling Stone story, which centers on the alleged gang rape of a student named Jackie at a frat house, and branches out to describe a school with a pattern of shrugging off claims of sexual violence.

In an editor's note on Friday, the magazine said it should not have honored Jackie's request to not contact her alleged attackers. It also noted that there now appears to be discrepancies in her account. Among them: the alleged ringleader of the attack did not belong to the frat in question, which also now says it didn't have a party on the night in question.

This all came out after other reporters, including at the Washington Post, and Hanna Rosin at Slate, started asking questions about the story. Here & Now's Robin Young talks to Rosin about the journalistic problems with the Rolling Stone article and the ensuing fallout.

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This segment aired on December 8, 2014.


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