'Twenty Feet From Stardom's' Lisa Fischer Returns Center Stage

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Lisa Fischer was one of the singers featured in the Oscar winning documentary "Twenty Feet from Stardom," which looked at the lives of the singers that back up the stars.

Though Fischer won a Grammy as a solo artist in 1992, she was best known for singing with the Rolling Stones and Tina Turner.

"The beautiful thing about background singing for me is that it’s not visually this back thing," she tells Here & Now's Robin Young. "It’s a walk with, it’s a support under, it’s sprinkling candy-colored sprinkles on ice cream. You know, it’s all these visuals and colors for me and a lot less pressure."

But now she's going back on the road as a solo artist with the band Grand Baton and she speaks to Robin Young about how it feels to return to the spotlight.


This segment aired on March 30, 2015.


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