Removing The 'Slut' Label

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When Emily Lindin was in middle school, she was labeled a "slut" by her classmates. For the next three years she was harassed. The bullying only subsided when she reached high school.

Then, as an adult, Lindin read about suicides of teens who had been harassed much as she had been. She decided to publish her middle school diaries, which chronicled the abuse, on the website "The Unslut Project."

Now, Lindin has published those diaries with commentary from her adult perspective in the new book "UnSlut: A Diary and a Memoir." She discusses the book and the project with Here & Now's Robin Young.

Note: Emily Lindin is a pen name. She has also changed the names of her classmates to protect their privacy.

Book Excerpt: 'UnSlut: A Diary And A Memoir'

By Emily Lindin

Excerpted from the book UNSLUT: A DIARY AND A MEMOIR by Emily Lindin. Copyright © 2015 by Emily Lindin. Reprinted with permission of Zest Books.


This segment aired on January 5, 2016.


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