New NOVA Film Focuses On Efforts To Create Wildlife Corridors

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James Brundige, the producer/filmmaker of NOVA’s Wild Ways. (Courtesy of James Brundige)
James Brundige, the producer and filmmaker behind NOVA’s "Wild Ways." (Courtesy of James Brundige)

Around the country and the world there are attempts to preserve vanishing species in parks and sanctuaries. But as a new NOVA documentary shows, those areas are often islands, surrounded by man-made development that threatens the animals the parks are seeking to preserve.

“Most of our national parks are now surrounded by human development, which means highways, farms, ranches and towns, and they’ve become islands of nature in a sea of human development,” James Brundige, the filmmaker behind the NOVA film “Wild Ways,” told Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson.

Biologists are addressing the problem by finding ways to let animals move from park to park.

“We’re counting on our parks and preserves to be ‘Noah’s Ark’ in this flood of humanity, and we are really coming to understand that these natural areas, if they remain as isolated islands of habitat, will not survive over time,” Brundige said.


  • James Brundige, filmmaker and producer. His latest film is “Wild Ways.”

This segment aired on April 20, 2016.


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