Non-Browning GMO Apples Heading For The U.S.04:30

The Arctic Apple. (Courtesy Okanagan Specialty Fruits)
The Arctic Apple. (Courtesy Okanagan Specialty Fruits)
This article is more than 2 years old.

After years in development, genetically-modified apples that don’t brown when exposed to air could soon be at a grocery store near you.

The Arctic Apple brand is produced by Canadian company Okanagan Specialty Fruits and will hit select grocery stores in the Midwest in the coming months.

Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson speaks with Caitlin Dewey (@caitlindewey), food policy writer for the Washington Post, about the science behind the fruit and how consumers might react.

Here's a video comparing the Arctic Apple with a normal apple:

This segment aired on January 24, 2017.


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