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BadBadNotGood, "Hedron"
Martin Waslewski, "Kwaiet"
Nobody, "Memory Lane"
Fool's Gold, "The Dive"
Indian Wells, "Alcantara"
BB King, "Lucille"
Fed Faulke, "Crepuscle"
Nils Fraham (Feat. Clark), "Peter"
Spoon, "The Minor Tough"
Lepalux, "Don't Mean A Thing"
Golden Panda, "In My Car"
Temples, "Certainty"
Broke For Free, "Beyond Dazed"
Palm, "You Are What Eats You"
Germany Germany, "1978"
Kaytandra, "Bus Ride"
Ryan Hesling & Matt Saltz, "Breeze Blocks"
Tycho, "Division"
Black Bird Black Bird, "Rare Candy"


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