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1st Grade Teacher In Chicago On What School Might Be Like This Fall09:40

Papers on desks by window in classroom. (Getty Images)
Papers on desks by window in classroom. (Getty Images)
This article is more than 2 years old.

School districts around the country are announcing their plans for the fall. San Diego and Los Angeles Unified School Districts announced this week that they will begin the school year with online-only learning. New York City Public Schools plan on a hybrid of online and in-person classes.

The governor of Illinois is encouraging school districts in the state to open schools to in-person learning in the fall. Chicago Public Schools has not announced its plans for reopening — and parents, students and teachers are wondering what the start of the school year will look like.

Host Jeremy Hobson talks with Michelle Gunderson, who teaches first grade in a public elementary school in Chicago.

This segment aired on July 14, 2020.