What options remain for Jacob Wideman?

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Jacob Wideman was arrested at work and brought back to prison for failing to make an appointment with a psychologist on a particular day, as directed by his parole officer.

Two months later, he faced the Arizona parole board again: Did Jake violate the conditions of his parole by not making that appointment? And, if so, should he stay in prison or be returned to the community?

The parole board voted to keep Jake in prison, where he remains, possibly for life.

In the final episode of Violation, we discuss what happens now and what Jake’s legal options are. And we return to thorny dilemmas about the criminal justice system: When someone commits a terrible crime, as Jake did, is there anything they can do to prove they deserve to be free again?

We also return to the question of why Jake killed Eric Kane in 1986. There’s one last piece of the puzzle that might bring a little more clarity, and Jake tries to explain it in his own words.

After we hear the final episode, we find out where Jake Wideman is now and also hear about the family of Eric Kane.

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Find the full episode, more information and photos here.

This segment aired on May 4, 2023.


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Beth Schwartzapfel Host and Reporter
Beth Schwartzapfel is the host and reporter of Violation, a podcast from WBUR and The Marshall Project.



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