On Point with Tom Ashbrook is Delivering Its Largest National Audience in History

Following on the heels of the announcement that On Point was chosen one of iTunes "Best of 2015" podcasts, newly released national data highlights the show's dramatic broadcast growth on NPR stations.

On Point has shown a significant 21% yearly increase in average number of people listening for at least five minutes during a fifteen minute period (AQH) and an 11% increase year to year in the total number of people listening during the show (Cume). Just looking at the last four years, the show has increased 60% in AQH and 38% in Cume. These numbers are validation that On Point resonates with public radio audiences who want a chance to pursue the news, be part of the discussion and hear differing perspectives from across the country in a respectful setting.

"We're thrilled that so many people are becoming fans of On Point," says WBUR General Manager Charlie Kravetz. "And we believe the data demonstrates that it's a strong choice for NPR stations across the country who are looking to experience the same kind of audience growth that On Point has enjoyed."

"We talk a lot at On Point about value per minute, and how to increase impact for our listeners," says host Tom Ashbrook. "We want the conversation to have a sense of drama, so we treat each hour like an event. It's unflinchingly honest, fast, fun, serious and surprising. We want public radio listeners to feel embraced and engaged in a compelling way, not like news is being dropped down on them from up high."

Marking its 15th anniversary this year, the two-hour live program produced by WBUR, reaches an estimated weekly audience of 1.76 million listeners and is heard on 290 NPR stations nationwide.


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