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WBUR Edify's New Series Explores Challenges Small Colleges Face in Massachusetts

College closings are on the rise across the nation, with about 11 closing nationally each year. New England, which has a high concentration of small private colleges, is expected to get hit hard. WBUR’s Edify team goes inside these schools to find out how they're responding to these changes, and what they may have to give up in order to thrive, in its latest series “Small Colleges, Big Challenges.”

The series will run on-air from Oct. 21 - 25 on Morning Edition and you can also experience the coverage online with multimedia on their exclusive page for higher education coverage here:

Edify Higher Ed News

Here's part one of the series, aired on Monday, Oct. 21 — an explainer on the challenges small colleges are facing: Why More Small Nonprofit Colleges Are Facing An Uncertain Future

Here's a rundown on what to expect from the "Small Colleges, Big Challenges" series this week:

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, episode 2 will dive into mergers with a focus on Hampshire College, and why the school decided to stop looking for a partner and chart a way forward on its own.

Episode 3 on Wednesday, Oct. 23, will continue to look at how Pine Manor College is trying to stay competitive and serve first-generation students.

In an attempt to stand out from other colleges, many private schools are looking for competitive advantages they can offer students. In episode 4 on Thursday, Oct. 24, we'll find out how Regis College is doubling down on its nursing program as a way to stand out. On Friday, Oct. 25, episode 5 will tell us how Simmons was able to transform by going online, and why that strategy may not work for all small schools.

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