The Future Of On Point: A Message From Meghna Chakrabarti

On Point debuted to serve listeners in the days just after 9/11, another time of tragedy and transformation in our country. We met the needs of public radio listeners in 2001 by taking calls and going deep for two distinctive hours on every possible angle exposed by the September 11 attacks, the War on Terror, and the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

We’re living in another time of high speed transformation. People need insight and understanding that is hard to find in a media environment that’s filled with noise. I am excited for On Point to cut through that noise.

Meghna Chakrabarti serves as host and editor of On Point from NPR and WBUR. (Liz Linder / WBUR)
Meghna Chakrabarti serves as host and editor of On Point from NPR and WBUR. (Liz Linder / WBUR)

It’s time for us to reimagine how we serve our listeners again in 2020.

To hone in on the needs of this moment, On Point will streamline into a single hour of exceptional, can’t-miss radio, starting Monday, October 5.

We’re going to deliver the best of what listeners today expect: the deep dive of an hour long conversation, the rigor and analysis that are long standing hallmarks of this show, the crackling intelligence of live radio and the profound empathy that comes with highly produced, narrative journalism.

This is the show where I cut my teeth as a journalist. I was a fledgling producer in 2002, and those first five intense years were where I learned how to strive for powerful, revealing conversations. That’s why On Point’s core values — depth, complexity, rigor — still drive everything I do to this day. That will never change.

Meghna Chakrabarti

Starting Monday, On Point will be a singular daily show that resonates at any hour, whether you listen live on the radio or on demand to our podcast. I can’t wait to share with you what comes next. Stay tuned.

This article was originally published on July 01, 2020.

Headshot of Meghna Chakrabarti

Meghna Chakrabarti Host, On Point
Meghna Chakrabarti is the host of On Point.



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