WBUR CitySpace Now Offers Virtual Event Production Services

To meet needs during the pandemic, WBUR announced that WBUR CitySpace at The Lavine Broadcast Center now offers virtual event production services to corporate and non-profit organizations. Packages are offered for a variety of events including galas, fundraisers, meetings, retreats and symposiums.

Since CitySpace shuttered its doors on Commonwealth Avenue in early March due to the Covid-19 crisis, the CitySpace events team transitioned from in-person to virtual programming, producing interviews and conversations both live and pre-recorded. In addition, WBUR was one of the first in Boston to change to a virtual format for its gala in early May and exceeded its fundraising goal.

“The CitySpace team, which had been producing live events in our state-of-the-art venue, is uniquely qualified to offer this service to our community,” said Amy Macdonald, director of community engagement at WBUR. “In our first year, we have established a reputation for technical know-how, top-notch audio and video equipment, communication and organizational skills.”

The skills and resources the CitySpace team has developed to produce its own virtual programming are now available to you too. Boston-based Essential Partners, a not-for-profit organization that teaches how to build trust in communities, hired CitySpace to produce its 30th anniversary gala.

“The WBUR CitySpace team executed a flawless virtual event to celebrate our 30th anniversary,” said Daniel Pritchard, director of strategic communications at Essential Partners. “They seamlessly mixed live and pre-recorded videos, designed a gorgeous custom event website, offered crucial technical support for our guests, and provided a welcoming presence as attendees arrived and moved to their breakout rooms. We received terrific feedback from our guests and exceeded our fundraising goal.”

WBUR CitySpace’s services include:

  • Secure event streaming platform
  • Broadcast live interviews and/or speeches from multiple locations
  • Place guests in breakout rooms (or at “virtual tables”)
  • Integrate a variety of multimedia assets into live programming
  • Pre and post-production, including audio/video editing and graphics creation, such as custom lower thirds, slides, animationsProduction Capabilities:

Planning Services:

  • Pre-event program planning
  • Recommending vendors for event premiums (e.g. gift boxes) and fundraising tools for auctions or live appeals
  • Event rehearsals and speaker sound/lighting checks
  • Dedicated live production team

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