Picture (book) this: Circle Round from podcast to page

The Circle Round podcast kicks off a "Summer of Stories" with new picture books and podcast episodes.
The Circle Round podcast kicks off a "Summer of Stories" with new picture books and podcast episodes.

Circle Round, everyone. First, you're bound for a vineyard by the sea, where the squashing of grapes by a wise wine purveyor serves up an invaluable lesson for the governor and her banquet guests. Then, you're transported to the countryside, where a desolate plot of land transforms – with help from a trick or two – into fertile ground that yields golden honey and coins!

Your passport to these folktales from around the globe? Our very own Circle Round picture books, available now. The page-turning journey begins Saturday, July 9 in Boston at WBUR's CitySpace with a Circle Round book launch party. Host Rebecca Sheir and composer Eric Shimelonis will unveil the new books and present "The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest" and "A Taste of Honey" live on stage. With readings, a musical Q&A, and a special meet-and-greet book signing, this event will be a memorable story time for the whole family.

The book launch celebration on July 9 is just the beginning of Circle Round's "Summer of Stories." Join the festivities at these July and August special book tour events:

Circle Round's debut series of picture and activity books are created in partnership with Storey Publishing, an imprint of the Workman Publishing/Hachette Books family.

July also marks the start of Circle Round's sixth season of podcast episodes! Sheir will take listeners around the world as she brings 40 age-old folktales to life for modern audiences. With original music and sound design by Shimelonis, stories about tricksters like Indonesia's Mouse Deer and West Africa's Anansi, the gentle Abenaki giant Gluskabe, and so many more characters unfold.

Two picture books. Six seasons. And nearly 1.2 million downloads each month. As Sheir often asks the audience: "What do you think will happen next?" Well, more stories will travel from our podcast soundwaves to illustrated pages again soon — the next book in the Circle Round series debuts this fall.

Storey Publishing

Storey books teach and encourage readers of all ages to enrich their lives through hands-on activities and experiences from gardening and cooking to building and farming.

Circle Round

Circle Round is a sound- and music-rich podcast for kids ages 3 to 103. Adapted from age-old folktales, episodes explore universal themes like friendship, persistence, creativity, and generosity, and end with activities that inspire deeper conversations between children and grown-ups. Circle Round is made possible by the support of our generous listeners. Your donation helps us bring our folktakes to life.



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