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Story time from WBUR’s Circle Round is possible thanks to the support of listeners like you! Support WBUR with a donation and help us bring more family-friendly folktales from around the world to life. Donate now to receive one of our Circle Round thank-you gifts below.

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  • Circle Round Metal Lunchbox

    Support Circle Round and show off your love for the podcast with a limited-edition Circle Round metal lunchbox — perfect for packing your lunch, art supplies, toys, or any of your favorite treasures!

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  • Circle Round BackPack

    Support Circle Round and show off your love for the podcast with a limited-edition Circle Round backpack featuring images from some of your favorite episodes.

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  • A Taste of Honey - Autographed by Rebecca Sheir

    A Taste of Honey: Kamala Outsmarts the Seven Thieves; A Circle Round Book. By Rebecca Sheir. Illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat.

    Inspired by classic tales from India and Pakistan, this folktale follows beekeeper Kamala as she uses her creativity and wits — and a hive full of bees — to outsmart seven thieves and earn a golden reward!

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  • The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest - Autographed by Rebecca Sheir

    The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest: Nasruddin Teaches the Town a Lesson; A Circle Round Book. By Rebecca Sheir. Illustrated by Mert Tugen.

    When things don't go as planned at the governor's banquet, clever Nasruddin cooks up a delicious plan to teach the town a lesson about judging a book by its cover — or a person by what they're wearing! Inspired by stories from the Turkish and Middle Eastern traditions, you'll also find variations on this tale from China, Iceland, India, and Italy.

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  • The Great Ball Game - Autographed by Rebecca Sheir

    The Great Ball Game: How Bat Settles the Rivalry Between the Animals and the Birds, a Circle Round Book. Written by Rebecca Sheir. Illustrated by Joshua Mangeshig Pawis-Steckley.

    When the animals and birds hold a ball game to decide which side is superior, a curious creature shows up who doesn't seem to fit on either team. Based on stories from the Native American tradition, this tale highlights the importance of diversity, nonconformity, inclusion, and embracing a world where everyone is different!

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  • The Lion's Whisker - Autographed by Rebecca Sheir

    The Lion's Whisker: Sister and Brother Take On a Challenge Together; A Circle Round Book. By Rebecca Sheir. Illustrated by Nikita Abuya.

    Courage, collaboration, patience, and sibling love prevail in this folktale with roots in the Ethiopian tradition. When Grandmother sends Brother and Sister on a mission to concoct a magical potion, the siblings learn valuable lessons about teamwork, bravery, understanding, and patience.

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