Eileen Imada

Senior Managing Producer, On Point

Eileen Imada is the senior managing producer at On Point. She has always worked for public radio shows as startups.

She first was a producer for the local public affairs show One Union Station in Rhode Island. Then she came to WBUR in September 2001 as a producer for Special Coverage after 9/11, which later became On Point.

She first directed the show in 2005, the week of Hurricane Katrina. She has overseen broadcast operations for breaking news specials, presidential elections, a week of live broadcasts from Shanghai and a listening tour from member stations across the country.

She's directed nearly two dozen hosts during the show’s transition, and launched the show’s weekly broadcast operations out of New York City. Most recently she managed the transition of On Point to its current format as a sound-rich podcast for daily broadcast.

When she’s not in the studio, you can find her biking on her daily commute into Boston or on the backroads of Maine.

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