Truth. Respect. Accountability. Inclusion. Learning.

These values are the foundation of WBUR’s culture. They are the guiding principles for what we do and how we behave. Keeping these values at the center of our day-to-day life is a journey—please help each other along the way.


As journalists, we report the truth. As employees, we value interpersonal honesty and integrity. We speak to each other openly, with transparency.


We recognize that different people bring different and valuable skills to the table. We believe in seeking out expertise, giving and receiving constructive feedback and fostering kindness in our workplace. We create an environment of trust by listening before responding.


We are all—collectively and individually, regardless of position, authority, or power base—committed to holding each other accountable and to being held accountable for our actions.


Each one of us has a responsibility to invite diverse perspectives into our work. We rely on the collective contributions of all team members to achieve our best possible results.


We develop our employees by encouraging curiosity, the acquisition of new skills, and the pursuit of information. We support informed, entrepreneurial risk-taking. We expect WBUR employees to share their own expertise generously and often, and to accept the help and expertise of others.


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