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Thanks for listening to Last Seen. If you have a tip, theory or thought, we'd love to hear it. Reporters from WBUR and The Boston Globe will review all tips that are sent in.

You don't have to identify yourself, but it's helpful to leave some type of contact information so we could reach out with additional questions. We may use the audio in a future episode.

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Encrypted Email:

If you are worried about protecting your identity, we suggest you avoid using your work email account. For extra security, you can encrypt your note with Pretty Good Privacy (an encryption program, also known as PGP). One of the most popular ways to encrypt messages with PGP is through Mailvelope.

Our public PGP key is available on the Ubuntu keyserver. The fingerprint is:

BD8E BE22 8F75 7464 59B5 1224 79B9 111E C0F1 5818

Note: Your email provider will still have access to the metadata for that email, such as the email address of the recipient, subject line, and date the message was sent. But PGP will scramble the contents of the message.

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