Magic Pill, Episode #8: So Many Reasons Not To Exercise

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We're hard-wired by a couple million years of evolution not to move unless we have to — no wonder our minds come up with so many reasons not to exercise. This episode offers a reality check on which reasons actually make sense — and some inspiration from folks who are athletes despite disabilities. Listen to the full episode above.

(Courtesy Pete Connell)
(Courtesy Pete Connell)

A Closer Look

Pete Connell is a disabled vet who learned to ski later on in life, after a leg amputation. He spent a year as a scout in Vietnam in 1968, a bad time to be there. When he was sent back to the U.S. he thought he was going to be OK. But one day he was riding a Jeep and it was in a rollover accident. His leg was badly mangled and gangrene set in. He lost it on June 1, 1969.

Pete had plenty of reasons not to exercise — but also a big reason to push himself: "The one thing that stuck in my head was, after I had recovered from the amputation and just about ready to go home, the doctor told me, 'If you were not in such good physical shape, you would have died.'"

Hear more of Pete's story on today's episode, and consider: When you entertain the thought of doing more, what are the "no" messages that stop you?

Enjoyed The Music?

That was Zaid Tabani performing the song "Feels Like 1994."

Tabani is a rapper from Southern California currently attending Berklee College of Music. In 2010, Tabani's music was featured heavily in the EVO World Championship Finals, leading to a commercial with gaming giant Capcom. The rapper recently released his debut album "Bos Angeles."

(Courtesy Zaid Tabani)
(Courtesy Zaid Tabani)

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