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Magic Pill, Episode #12: Getting Older Better


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OK, so 86-year-old Dr. Walter Bortz of Stanford may be giving himself a bit of a break when he says that aging is a "30-year-offset," that a fit person of 70 is a lot like an unfit person of 40. But hey, he is training for the 2020 Boston Marathon. And indications abound that, as Eddie puts it, we don't stop moving because we age, we age because we stop moving. Listen to episode 12 above.

A Closer Look

(Courtesy Walter Bortz)
(Courtesy Walter Bortz)

One highlight from today's episode:

Dr. Eddie Phillips: "You never outgrow the ability to put on muscle mass. There were studies done locally, where Maria Fiatarone Singh — now a geriatrician and professor at the University of Sydney — took 90-year-olds, and then she took 100-year-olds, in nursing homes, and she gave them soup cans to lift. And they started to put on muscle mass. You never lose the ability to add strength."

Enjoyed The Music?


That was mar|co performing the song "Bridges."

mar|co is a future pop duo consisting of vocalist Marie Lang and producer Alex Coco. The two have been featured on multiple blogs including HillyDilly and performed all over Boston as well as at the music conferences CMJ and SXSW. The recent Berklee graduates have relocated to NYC to finish up their debut EP.

You can listen to the full Magic Pill playlist here.

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