Magic Pill, Episode #17: Location, Location, Location: It Can Impact Your Exercise Habits Too

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This is a tough one: What do you do if where you live and work gets in the way of moving more? No gym nearby, streets that don't feel safe, bad air. It makes getting out there all that much harder. But from biking to walking groups to special programs, there are ways around those barriers. Listen to the full episode above.

A Closer Look

In this episode we hear from Raheem Baraka, who runs Baraka Community Wellness. (Courtesy Raheem Baraka)
In this episode we hear from Raheem Baraka, who runs Baraka Community Wellness. (Courtesy Raheem Baraka)

Some top tips from Wendy Landman of WalkBoston, which was the first walking advocacy group in the country and is now 26 years old:

  • Walk in groups
  • Walk in the morning
  • Join with your neighbors to get more people out on the street

And some inspiration from Noah Hicks of Dorchester:

Enjoyed The Music?

That was The Penthouse performing the song "Best Friend."

(Courtesy The Penthouse)
(Courtesy The Penthouse)

Boston indie rock band The Penthouse combines smashing guitars and grooving rhythms. "Everytime" has been featured on Shake Shack's official Spotify playlist. The Penthouse is currently working on their debut album.

You can listen to the full Magic Pill playlist here.

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CommonHealth Recommendations

Some inspiring resources:
--Noah Hicks, Bowdoin Bike School
--Baraka Community Wellness

Global free fitness movements here in Boston:
--The November Project
--Black Girls RUN!

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Carey Goldberg Editor, CommonHealth
Carey Goldberg is the editor of WBUR's CommonHealth section.



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