Magic Pill, Episode #20: Looking Good Naked

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You know this nightmare: You show up at school or work and all of a sudden you realize, 'Oh my god, I'm not wearing any clothes. I'm naked! How could this have happened?' Violinist Emily Stewart isn't scared of that dream anymore. Listen to today's full episode above.

A Closer Look

In this episode we speak with violinist Emily Stewart, pictured. (Courtesy)
In this episode we speak with violinist Emily Stewart. (Courtesy)

A bit of wisdom from Dr. Eddie Phillips in favor of using a three-sided mirror that lets you see your back — because you want to see big muscles:

We want muscle mass because that's what helps us to move, and muscle mass is much more metabolically active. It's much better at burning up calories. If you're looking in the mirror, it's not going to jiggle as much ... You'll see [the muscle mass] in your legs and arms. But looking at the front of your body is not everything. Looking at your butt and legs is also important.

Enjoyed The Music?

That was Mafalda performing the song "Giving Up."

Mafalda, a London-born singer/songwriter, partnered up with New York producer Jack Dine for her debut electronic pop EP. Her first releases have caught the attention of Sirius XM, The 405 and many more.

You can listen to the full Magic Pill playlist here.

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