Governor Prepares Otis for Evacuees

Mitt Romney speaks with Bob Oakes about preparations to receive hurricane victims from Louisiana at Otis Air Base.

"Camp Edwards is a superb facility" says Romney. "It's not luxurious by any means," says the governor "it's a pretty good place for people to have housing and to have some privacy."

Romney says a series of state agencies have talked about how to get the evacuees the access to health and education facilities that they will need.

"We have no idea who's coming," says Romney, "we've had to prepare for any contingency."

Romney says that Massachusetts can afford whatever is necessary to provide a helping hand to the hurricane victims. He says that he expects most of the funds will be reimbursed by the federal government.

Romney has asked Bourne to help out with the education of the children who may be coming to the area.

Massachusetts is preparing for the arrival of more than two thousand evacuees from the hurricane ravaged Gulf Coast as early as Tuesday.

They're headed for the Camp Edwards base on Cape Cod where they'll be housed and fed for as long as 2 months.

In this interview Governor Romney asks people with their own transport who would like to volunteer to help for a week, to call the Red Cross at 1-800-293-4031.

Businesses with donations should call 1-508-820-2000.

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This program aired on September 6, 2005. The audio for this program is not available.


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