"Ten Hours Until Dawn"

On the afternoon of February 6th, 1978 the snow began to fall. It was the beginning of what would later be referred to as the Blizzard of '78.

As the hours passed, the snow flew and the sea churned making for some of the most dangerous marine conditions anyone had ever seen with swells up to 30 feet, howling winds, and white out conditions.

Cutting through the fury of the storm at about 6 p.m. came a radio transmission, a call for help, from a tanker, The Global Hope, anchored in Salem Sound.

Franklin-based author Mike Tougias' new book, "Ten Hours Until Dawn," tells the story of The Global Hope and the crew of the pilot boat Can Do, who tried to save the men on board the tanker.

Tougias says after receiving the distress call the Coast Guard dispatched two patrol boats, a 44-footer and a 41-footer. The 41-footer was quickly turned back by the rampaging seas and soon, the 44-footer ran into trouble of its own.

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This program aired on October 13, 2005. The audio for this program is not available.


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