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Patrick-LaGuer Letters a Political Liability?

This article is more than 16 years old.

The latest drama in the Massachusetts Governor's race revolves around new reports that Democratic nominee Deval Patrick helped pay for a DNA test to try to exonerate convicted rapist Benjamin LaGuer.

Patrick had previously said he'd only written a letter on LaGuer's behalf years ago to the state's Parole Board.

The Boston Globe reports that the DNA test placed LaGuer at the scene of the crime of the 1983 rape of his Leominster neighbor.

Patrick says at the time he got involved because he was concerned that racism might have played a role in Laguer's conviction, but that, after the DNA tests in 2002 connected Laguer to the crime, Patrick became convinced Laguer should remain in prison.

Patrick's Republican opponent Kerry Healey is taking up the story as an example of Patrick being soft on crime.

Joining us to talk about how this story may — or may not — play in the gubernatorial campaign, is Tufts University Professor of Political Science, Jeffrey Berry.

This program aired on October 5, 2006. The audio for this program is not available.


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