Brookline Fire

Two firefighters were injured and one young man killed in Brookline apartment building fire which started early Friday morning.

The cause of the four alarm fire at the building on St. Mary's street is still under investigation. Officials say the fire started around six in the morning on the top floor rear porch of the building. Some residents and guests had lit a charcoal grill there earlier.

While the building housed a number of Boston University students, a BU spokesperson said the fatality was not a BU student.

Fire officials say the body of the young man was found in a closet of a third floor bedroom.

Officials say he was probably a guest who was unfamiliar with the building, and became confused when he tried to escape the fire.

One Brookline firefighter was hospitalized after falling through a hole in the roof. The other firefighter, from the Boston department, suffered a back injury. Neither injury is life threatening.

About 20 residents of the building were evacuated.

Two BU students died earlier this year, and a third was severely burned when a candle caused a fire at 21 Auburn Street in Boston.

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