Mayors Raise Casino Concerns

A push to put a casino in Boston may face an uphill fight in the legislature. Some Boston-area lawmakers who have supported expanded gambling in the past say they are concerned the social ills of a resort casino would be exacerbated in Boston. Now, mayors across the state expressed their concerns as well.

The Massachusetts Mayors Association met in Somerville on Wednesday, to discuss the economic impacts of gambling.

"Certainly, I thought the discussion was very relevant and probably most particularly around how casino revenues would be distributed," said Mayor of Fall River Edward Lambert.

Participants also talked about funding job-creation initiatives and education through casino licensing fees.

West Springfield Mayor Edward Gibson brought up concerns about how casinos might affect lottery revenue.

"Lottery funds may go down as we legalize casino gambling," Gibson said. "How do you replenish those funds that the cities and towns of Massachusetts have come to rely on?"

Some of the mayors said they were not happy that Governor Deval Patrick's casino proposal could pass.

This program aired on September 27, 2007. The audio for this program is not available.


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