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Super Tuesday Showdown

This article is more than 12 years old.


Super Tuesday is here, at last. Twenty-four states are holding primaries or caucuses on the single biggest day of presidential primary voting in the country's history.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton fight for a breakout in their head-to-head Democratic duel while Republican John McCain trys to end rival Mitt Romney's presidential ambitions.

Here in the Bay State, an estimated 1.3 million voters will head to the polls in what Secretary of State William Galvin predicts will be the highest primary turnout in nearly 30 years.

For months, pollsters and pundits have had their say. Today, WBUR is turning the microphone and this site over to you. Sound off now On Point or post your comments here.

WBUR's special coverage begins at 7 p.m. Listen on the radio at 90.9 or online here

Here is a selection of some of your comments:

"Who ordained McCain? He was like an old FORD (found on road dead) before SC. He does not get my vote. Have been a republican for 50 years including elective office. They are leaving no choice for the R’s.
I will sit out, or vote for Obama, if things do not change."

"It disturbs me that the buzzwords and phrases used in the drumbeat for Obama would, if used in the employment arena, would be deemed illegal violations of the age discrimination laws."

"The issue that will define the next 8 years will be global warming. All other issues will pale compared to the global crisis response that we have to mount immediately - countries disappearing under water, famine, weather, US coastal cities disappearing. I hope to see more questions to the candidates on both sides about how their response to this issue will affect their plans on the other issues that have been covered rather thoroughly."

"What is Obama’s stand on the Kenyan crisis? The Kenyan opposition (which includes his father’s tribe), is calling for help.

How far will he commit American troops in the cause, if he becomes president? I worry a lot about that."

"The polls are not always correct -remember New Hampshire? I wish the media would stop making predictions and selling us the winners."

"I am saddened to hear of Edwards withdrawal. Although I had not intended on voting for him, my vote could have been swayed,I liked having that option."

Post your observations (what's the mood liek where you are voting? How many candidates' signs to you spot) and opinions about the candidates here (make sure to scroll down to the comment field).

This program aired on February 5, 2008. The audio for this program is not available.

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