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I am a officer manager for a small family owned company. I had health insurance through the company until last May when I went part time so I could be home more to care for my mother who has Alzheimers. As a part-time employee, I was no longer covered and had to paid the whole insurance bill, which at the time was 500.00 dollars. That was a hardship considering I no longer was getting a full paycheck.

I tried a few insurance companies before finding out about Commonwealth Care. There plans were not that good and costly. But with the help of Health Care for All I found about Commonwealth Care and they helped me to enroll and get started on the plan.

I have gone for my yearly physical blood work, mammogram. It is great coverage I have not had any out of pocket expenses just my co-payments which are very good. It's a really good plan and a big price difference from 500.00 to 35.00 a month. If not for this I would not have been able to go part time. With every thing else that is going on I am glad I have good health insurance. It makes things easier for me.

Kathy Riley, Wilmington

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