Turtles Endangered

It's not an uncommon site in New England: You're driving down the road, and moving across at a snail's pace, is a turtle. Likely it's a female turtle looking for a nesting site. Increasingly, turtles in Massachusetts are cut off from their traditional nesting grounds by roadway development.

And turtles becoming road kill is taking a heavy toll on the state's native population. 60 percent of all native turtle species are already threatened with extinction.

Here to talk with us about the problem and what the state is doing about Turtle Conservation Biologist Lori Erb (URB). She's with MassWildlife's Natural Heritage and Endangered Species program. We started off by asking her how turtles tend to fare if hit while crossing a roadway.

This program aired on June 26, 2008. The audio for this program is not available.


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