New Boston Public Pilot Schools

This article is more than 12 years old.

The recent approval of two new pilot schools by Boston Public School's superintendent and its teachers union is being hailed by a major supporter of education reform.

The new Mary Lyon and Harbor pilot high schools will join the 20 pilot schools already in operation. Pilot schools are more autonomous and innovative than regular Boston Public Schools.

Paul Grogan, president of the Boston Foundation says he's glad to see the number is growing.

"Pilot schools, as numerous studies have demonstrated, are succeeding tremendously, and on every significant measure on both academic and behavioral performance." Grogan says.

But Grogan says he hopes that the number of pilot schools in Boston will continue to grow to keep up with interest in the community. He says the city is still missing an opportunity to retain students.

The Boston school system has lost more than seven thousand students in the last ten years.

This program aired on July 10, 2008. The audio for this program is not available.