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Clinton, Patrick to Take the Stage

This article is more than 14 years old.
Sen. Hillary Clinton and DNC stage manager Gary Hood
Sen. Hillary Clinton and DNC stage manager Gary Hood (AP)

Democratic Party leaders take on the challenge of trying to reunify the Party tonight at its convention in Denver.

Senator Hillary Clinton, who lost the primary battle to presumptive nominee Sen. Barack Obama, addresses the convention tonight. She's expected to take the podium at about 10:30 Eastern. (NPR)

WBUR's Bob Oakes joined us again from Denver to preview the night's agenda. (WBUR)

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is also scheduled to address the delegates this evening. He's expected to take the stage at around 10:00 Eastern. (WBUR)

The anticipation surrounding Sen. Clinton's appearance is perhaps overshadowing tonight's keynote address, to be delivered by former Virginia Governor Mark Warner. Four years ago, the keynote slot propelled then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama to stardom, but Warner says his style is very different. (NPR)

Healthcare is at the center of the Democratic platform this year, and Massachusetts remains on the vanguard of that issue. New census figures show Massachusetts has the lowest number of uninsured residents in the country. For a conversation about the state's health coverage reform, WBUR's Bob Oakes talked to Jim Roosevelt. The DNC Rules Committee Co-Chair is also head of Tufts Health Plan. (WBUR)

Democratic and Republican conventions have never been short on revelry, but some of the after-hours parties have had a tendency to skirt Congressional ethics rules in the past. Organizers say there is less free food and gifts circulating around this year, but one party did have free booze and a brief "information gathering session." (NPR)

This program aired on August 26, 2008. The audio for this program is not available.

Adam Ragusea Reporter/Associate Producer
Adam Ragusea was formerly a reporter and producer for WBUR.



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