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MBTA Board Votes To Cut Budget By $160 Million

This article is more than 11 years old.

The MBTA is one step closer to making significant service cuts, and possibly increasing fares, after the MBTA advisory board voted Thursday to slash the T’s 2010 budget by $160 million.

Members of the MBTA advisory board themselves call the cuts “draconian.” But state law requires the panel to authorize a balanced budget. Faced with a projected $160-million deficit, board members say they had to make cuts, mostly through massive reductions to MBTA wages and benefits. The T’s general manager, Dan Grabauskas, says that means future service reductions are all but guaranteed.

“If I’m really going to have to cut to balance the budget, I’m going to have to cut people, which means I’m going to have to cut service,” Grabauskas said. “So, it’s service cuts or it’s fare increases, or it’s some other source of revenue, and if that other source of revenue doesn’t meet up with our deficit, I’ve only got those other two things to do.”

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