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Got Swine Flu? Best To Spend Thanksgiving Alone

This article is more than 13 years old.

As thousands of people hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday, health officials are advising that you not travel if you think you have the flu.

Swine Flu Thanksgiving Travel
A couple wearing masks for protection from swine flu arrives at Logan International Airport in Boston on Tuesday after flying in from Puerto Rico. (AP)

It's especially important to avoid public transportation if you have the H1N1 virus, since you could spread the infection.

State medical director Lauren Smith said even if your family is disappointed by your absence, skipping the holiday is a wise idea if you're sick.

"There might well be people who are at risk for complications included in the family gathering," Smith said, "and it would be unfortunate if someone were to attend such a gathering knowing that they were sick and expose people who might be vulnerable."

Smith said if you get the flu while you're away for the holidays, delay your return — especially since you shouldn't be going to work or school anyway until you're better.

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