Boston-Area Supermarkets Still Stocking Outlawed Detergent

A new report says many supermarkets around Boston are still stocking banned dishwasher detergents.

A state law in 2008 banned the use of phosphates in detergent because of their impact on the state water system, but the law didn't go into effect until last month. says at least nine stores in the Boston area are still carrying the banned detergents.

"My sense is retailers are just being lax, that it passed in February 2008, became effective July 1 of this year. Maybe they forgot about it," said's founder, Edgar Dworsky.

Dworsky said those retailers could face hefty fines.

"There are fines, daily fines of between $1,000 and $5,000 per day. Plus, the Department of Public Health can go in and seize the product," Dworsky said.

This program aired on August 2, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.