Daily Rounds: Check Your Eggs; Blue Cross Costs; Paul Levy’s One-Liner

Step away from that frying pan! And check your eggs first: the recall for salmonella, first announced yesterday, may be the biggest in 20 years, ABC news reports. The exact types recalled are here, courtesy of the Egg Safety Center.

The new head of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Andrew Dreyfus, says his top priority will be to cut costs, The Boston Globe reports.

This is kind of a jaw-dropper from the Archives of Internal Medicine: 82 percent of patients in the hospital cannot name the physician in charge of their care, though more than 60% of physicians thought the patient knew their name. More than half of patients didn't know their diagnosis. File under: What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Paul Levy, the gorgeously transparent head of Beth Israel Deaconess, shares a great one-liner today from a meeting of his medical chiefs: "So now we have a new expensive device that is just as good as the old cheap one."

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