New Attempt To Eliminate Lifetime Appointment For Probation Commissioner

State Sen. Cynthia Creem said in the new legislative session that she plans to file a bill that would do away with the lifetime appointment of the Probation commissioner. The proposal would also allow the head of the courts to have more oversight on hiring and firing in the Probation Department.

Creem's proposal is similar to one she added to the Senate budget, but the amendment failed in conference last summer. Creem said it should win more backing now that the Ware report has exposed corrupt hiring practices in the probation department.

"We understand there were a lot of things going on in probation that should not have been going on," Creem said. "I would expect and hope that my bill will be received better and quicker than it was before."

Creem said her bill would also set up a task force to determine whether Probation should fall under the jurisdiction of the executive office or the judiciary branch.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo said he will also be crafting legislation to address flaws in the department.


This program aired on November 24, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.


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