Daily Rounds: Health Law Upheld; Dosing Kids Wrong; Children's Expands; ICU Tele-Monitoring; Romney's Legacy; Michael Jackson's Family Sues Pharmacy

Health Law Suit Dismissed by Judge Norman Moon - "For the second time in two months, a federal judge has upheld the constitutionality of the new health care law, ruling on Tuesday that the requirement that most Americans obtain medical coverage falls within Congress’s authority to regulate interstate commerce." (The New York Times)

Why It's So Easy To Give Kids The Wrong Dose Of Medicine : Shots - Health News Blog : NPR "Even if you mean well, it's very easy to make a mistake. In theory, the little plastic "dosing" cups or droppers that come with medicine bottles should improve accuracy. But a study just published online by JAMA finds 98 percent of the top-selling 200 over-the-counter children's medications sold in 2009 came with confusing inconsistencies in dosing instructions." (

Children’s paving way for healthy future - "Children’s Hospital Boston broke ground yesterday on a new 10-story, 125,000-square-foot clinical expansion building on Binney Street." (Boston Herald)

Study says ICU monitoring centers may save lives, money - The Boston Globe "Monitoring the sickest hospital patients remotely from a command center staffed around the clock by intensive care specialists could save 350 lives and $122 million a year if every hospital in the state adopted the model, according to a report being released today by a Cambridge health care think tank."(Boston Globe)

Why conservatives should embrace Romney's health-care legacy - The Angle - "The Globe’s editorial board rightly argued yesterday that Mitt Romney should defend his record as the governor of Massachusetts — including the state’s landmark health care legislation — as he launches his probable campaign for the GOP nomination in 2012. But the editorial didn’t go far enough: It's not only Romney who should embrace his record on health care reform. Conservatives should as well."(Boston Globe)

Michael Jackson's family refiles wrongful death lawsuit - LOS ANGELES — "Michael Jackson's father refiled a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday against the doctor charged in his son's death and added as a defendant a Las Vegas pharmacy that records show sold the physician a powerful anesthetic blamed for his death." (USA Today)

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