Daily Rounds: Hazardous AIDS Cure; Appeal of Obamacare Ruling; Critics Eye Mass. Law; Malaria Deaths; $71M Tobacco Verdict

"Researchers report possible HIV infection cure; others cite dangers - Researchers in Germany are reporting that they may have cured a man of HIV infection. If true, that would represent a scientific advance, but not necessarily a treatment advance, said researchers familiar with the work." (CNN)

U.S. to Appeal Health Ruling - "The Justice Department said it would appeal a decision invalidating a core provision of the federal health-care overhaul, the next skirmish in a constitutional struggle likely to reach the Supreme Court before the 2012 presidential election." (Wall Street Journal)

Critics eye Mass. Health after Obamacare ruling - "Massachusetts has already faced numerous legal challenges over the issue. Since the law passed in 2006, 13 people have sued the state, said Health Insurance Connector spokesman Dick Powers. Two of those cases were settled out of court, four were denied, three were sent back to the Connector for a hearing, and another four are pending. At least two Bay State business groups say local firms are likely to challenge the local health-care law if the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the Virginia ruling. “There will certainly be a lot of folks in Massachusetts that think, ‘If it’s unconstitutional under federal law, it also should be under state law,’ ” said Jon Hurst, president of the Massachusetts’ Retailers Association."( End To Malaria Deaths In Sight, But Progress Is Fragile : Shots - Health News Blog : NPR ""We've seen remarkable drops in the incidence and mortality of malaria," Ray Chambers, the UN's special envoy for malaria, tells Shots. "So we have all the markers to give us confidence that we could reach near-zero deaths by 2015." But there are also plenty of reasons to think it won't happen, at least not on schedule." (

Cigarette Firm Found Liable For $71M In Smoker’s Death | Hubbub | Blogs | WBUR "A Boston jury has found a cigarette maker liable for $71 million in a suit alleging the company targeted black children in Roxbury in the 1950s and ’60s.
The plaintiffs had showed jurors a video deposition of Marie Evans, recorded before she died eight years ago from lung cancer. Evans blamed Lorillard, Inc., for getting her and other children in the neighborhood addicted to Newport cigarettes." (

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