NYT: 'Save The Children' Drops Soda Tax Work, Seeks Coke Donations

Hmmmm. The New York Times reports today that the advocacy group Save The Children had been leading anti-obesity efforts around the country to tax soft drinks — but now has stopped. And by the way, it is seeking a big grant from Coca-Cola, and has already received $5 million from PepsiCo.

How do you think Coke and Pepsi feel about soda taxes? Yep, they oppose them. The head of Save The Children, Carolyn Miles, told the Times there was no connection between soft-drink donations and the decision to stop the soda tax campaigns. Do you believe her?

Political signals are strong that Massachusetts will soon address the soda tax issue: A broad new health coalition led by The Boston Foundation and the New England Healthcare Institute, with legislative leaders among its members, says it aims to push to get the state sales tax exemption on candy and soda repealed. The Times story would seem to suggest that if any state children's advocates turn strangely silent on the issue, it might be worth looking into who their funders are...

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