Why To Exercise Before Breakfast This Morning

Air Force run at dawn
Air Force run at dawn

The "Well" blog of the New York Times reports that this time of year can lead to weight gain and high blood sugar but a new study in The Journal of Physiology suggests a good antidote: "Run or bicycle before breakfast. Exercising in the morning, before eating, the study results show, seems to significantly lessen the ill effects of holiday Bacchanalias."

Only the group that exercised before breakfast gained almost no weight and showed no signs of insulin resistance. They also burned the fat they were taking in more efficiently. “Our current data,” the study’s authors wrote, “indicate that exercise training in the fasted state is more effective than exercise in the carbohydrate-fed state to stimulate glucose tolerance despite a hypercaloric high-fat diet.”

And may I add, if you get the workout done before breakfast, you don't have to spend the rest of the day procrastinating.

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