Four State Officials Sworn In To Elected Positions

Four recently elected state officials took the oath of office Wednesday.

New office-holders Auditor Suzanne Bump and Treasurer Steve Grossman, and returning Attorney General Martha Coakley and Secretary of State William Galvin were sworn in.

During her swearing-in ceremony Wednesday morning, Bump promised to "make government work better."

"I'll turn my eye first of all onto the auditor's office itself, to be sure that our own operations and our own employees are performing at the highest levels of effectiveness and accountability to the public," Bump said.

She also promised to use the office in what she called "bold new ways."

"To keep government responsive to its citizens, to leverage technology and the Internet, to give you greater access to the work of the office, and to track government reforms that our audits indicate are needed," Bump listed.

During his swearing in, Grossman said he will be an "activist" to help create jobs and boost small businesses.

"First create jobs," Grossman said, listing his goals, "by moving money from the biggest banks in America that have failed to provide adequate capital to small businesses into small banks, local banks that are helping small credit-worthy businesses finance their growth."

Coakley and Galvin were sworn in later Wednesday.

This program aired on January 19, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.


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