Daily Rounds: Blue Cross Talks Tough; States Debate Reform; Fattening Formulas; Avoiding Frostbite

Blue Cross CEO says providers must control costs, or else — "Andrew Dreyfus, who took the helm at Blue Cross Blue Shield in August, last week sent a letter to more than 400 leaders of hospitals and physicians practices, applying pressure on them to switch to a global payment plan. Under such a system, medical care providers are put on an annual budget and given incentives to control costs and improve care instead of being paid for individual doctors visits and procedures."

Health care overhaul debate now shifts to states | The Associated Press | Congress | San Francisco Examiner "Republican state legislators and governors are working on how to deliver coverage to more than 30 million people now uninsured, as the law calls for, even as GOP attorneys general lead the legal battle to overturn the law's mandate that most Americans have health insurance." (

Some Baby Formulas May Cause Faster Weight Gain : NPR "Researchers are finding the most commonly used formula, which is based on cow's milk, may be the one most likely to cause weight gain." (

Frigid weather coming: how to avoid frostbite - Daily Dose - "No question, it's best to avoid frostbite in the first place by remaining indoors as much as possible on ridiculously cold days or covering every square-inch of skin if you must be outside for an hour or two. Think like a skier: mask, goggles, snow pants, hat and ski gloves." (

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