Sen. Kerry: Some Parts Of Obama's Budget Are 'Troubling'

Sen. John Kerry reacted to the president's budget proposal Monday in Malden, saying he's only seen an outline of the the president's proposal, but that it contains some cuts that are troubling.

Part of the "troubling" part of the budget includes a 7.5 percent cut to community block grants.

Kerry said he wants to see the proposal in its overall context before passing judgment. He said this budget will be the most important fight this country has had in many years.

"It is going to decide whether or not America is going to remain a first-rate superpower, or whether we're going to let hard ideology and extremism eat America's seed corn so that we don't grow the jobs of the future," Kerry said.

Kerry said there are other areas that should be looked at for possible cuts, including oil and gas subsidies.

"Try some of the oil and gas subsidies," he said. "Try some of the incredible giveaways in 57,000 pages of the tax code."

This program aired on February 14, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.

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