Boston Business Journal Highlights Healthiest Employers, But Which Are Unhealthiest?

The Boston Business Journal has just introduced a cool new feature: a special section on the area's healthiest employers. IBM, the insurance company MiddleOak, EMD Serono and the Massachusetts Hospital Association are among winners featured. (Hat-tip to the MHA for pointing it out.) From an MHA release:

“As the leading voice for Massachusetts hospitals, MHA walks this talk with our own initiative known as HEALING, which promotes healthy eating, active living and a greener work environment,” said MHA President & CEO Lynn Nicholas. “MHA’s achievements in this area are made possible because leadership and support for our HEALING initiative came from every level of the organization.”

MHA’s HEALING initiative sponsors health-related lectures, screenings and cooking demonstrations, and supports a wide variety of healthy options such as a healthy snacks honor bar, off-site walks and activities such as canoe trips after work hours. The HEALING Committee also worked with MHA’s senior management to create a “Chill Zone” where employees can go during the day to take a few minutes to meditate, stretch, lift small weights, or listen to soothing music.

Wow, sounds virtuous. But don't you wish the Boston Business Journal also included a Hall of Shame for the least healthy employers? The tech companies that still ply their employees with candy and soda? The high-prestige academic posts where workplace bullies are allowed to torment subordinates? The labs that expect graduate students to work day and night until they're so exhausted they get sick? The hospitals that give paltry maternity leaves? The offices that don't give workers long enough lunch breaks for exercise? Readers, do you have a nominee?

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