Ask Deval Patrick Your Health Reform Question

The Harvard School of Public Health is making an offer we cannot refuse: Send in your health care reform question for Gov. Deval Patrick and he could answer it during a Webcast tomorrow afternoon. You can also send a question for any of these local luminaries on the discussion panel:

John Auerbach, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Hurmon Hamilton, President, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization
Nancy Kane, Professor of Management, Harvard School of Public Health
John McDonough, Director, Center for Public Health Leadership, Harvard School of Public Health; former Executive Director of Health Care for All

They're all slated to speak on the next phase of health care reform — costs and quality — at a forum at the school of public health's aptly named "Forum," which aims to bring scientific experts and political decision makers together on urgent health topics. It is scheduled to be Webcast tomorrow at 4 p.m. here. I just asked WBUR's Martha Bebinger, my revered health care policy sage, what our question should be, and we came up with this:

What is your best indication that a shift to global payments will actually save money, and how soon do you think those savings can actually be realized?

Okay, just sent it in to Readers, if you send in a question, feel free to cut and paste it as a comment here as well. Just wondering what you're most wondering!

This program aired on April 27, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.

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