Lally Returns To The Stand In DiMasi Trial04:53

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The prosecution puts its star witness back on the stand Thursday in its corruption case against former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi and two co-defendants.

After delivering devastating testimony for the government about schemes hatched to enrich DiMasi, Joseph Lally, a former sales agent for Cognos Inc., came under cross-examination.

Defense attorney Martin Weinberg established that at various times Lally had lied to his employer, his business partners, his family, the Internal Revenue Service and even federal prosecutors.

Lally has a plea deal with the federal government that calls for a recommendation of only two to three years in prison.

But to Weinberg's suggestion, the salesman was just spinning testimony for a better deal.

Lally counterpunched.

"Mr. Weinberg, the truth is that I entered into a conspiracy with these three gentlemen to commit a crime. That's the truth," Lally said.

Cross-examination resumes Thursday.

This program aired on May 19, 2011.

David Boeri Twitter Senior Reporter
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