More Daily Rounds: Autism Genetics; Health Expo Boycott; Sexting Studies

Autism linked to hundreds of genetic mutations - Health Key Autism is not caused by one or two gene defects but probably by hundreds of different mutations, many of which arise spontaneously, according to research that examined the genetic underpinnings of the disorder in more than 1,000 families. The findings, reported in three studies published Wednesday in the journal Neuron, cast autism disorders as genetically very complex, involving many potential changes in DNA that may produce, essentially, different forms of autism. (

Labor pains hit health event - Some of Channel 7’s on-air personalities are threatening to boycott the station’s annual Health and Fitness Expo — where viewers can mingle with the likes of anchor Frances Rivera and meteorologist Peter Bouchard — unless management gives them a “fair contract.” Members of the local union representing Channel 7’s anchors, reporters and meteorologists — the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists — have been in contract negotiations for more than two years and “voted overwhelmingly” to spurn the June 25 and 26 Hub event. (Boston Herald)

Boston schools take up arms in battle of the bulge - The Boston Globe Under the new plan, called Healthy Connections, the district will change the fitness curriculum. Four instructors were hired this year to travel to schools and instruct teachers how to make gym class a better workout. (

Adult sexting tied to power, 'unlimited partners' - Lipkins' survey found that individuals with a strong thirst for power may also be more likely to engage in suggestive behavior online. Lipkins' research into sexting showed that adults 26 and older who sexted craved more power than those who never did. (

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