Daily Rounds: Fit Mice Bounce Back; Fatal Bear Attack; More Abuse At Carney; Dueling Views On Violent Games

Phys Ed: How Exercise Boosts Mood - "The animals that had not run before moving in with the mean mice showed much less neuronal activity in these portions of the brain. Dr. Lehmann said that he believed that the running was key to the exercised animals’ ability to bounce back from their unpleasant housing conditions." (

Grizzly bear attack: Fatal attack by grizzly is Yellowstone's first in 25 years - "A grizzly fatally mauled a hiker in Yellowstone National Park on Wednesday when he and his wife surprised the bear and her cubs — the first such killing in 25 years. The couple were on the popular Wapiti Lake trail when they encountered the bears, park officials said in a statement. The sow apparently perceived them as a threat to her cubs and attacked the man." (Los Angeles Times)

"State faults counselor in another Carney Hospital abuse case State mental health investigators found that a male counselor on the adolescent psychiatric unit at Carney Hospital abused a female patient, the fourth confirmed case of abuse or neglect on the unit this spring." (

It's A Duel: How Do Violent Video Games Affect Kids? : NPR "Playing violent video games probably will not turn your child into a psychopathic killer," Bushman said, "but I would want to know how the child treats his or her parents, how they treat their siblings, how much compassion they have." So the dueling scientific studies aren't really at odds with each other — they just make different assumptions. Which may be why Bushman and Ferguson agree on one thing: as fathers, they've banned their own kids from playing violent video games." (

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